1979 911 SC Targa Rebuild

A 1980 MY targa imported into Ireland in 1985, undergoing a heavy recommissioning to include bare metal repaint, engine and suspension rebuild and interior refresh.

As it arrived.

The car has been unused for 15+ years.

No paperwork to prove but likely genuine mileage, although largely irrelevant since most of it will be rebuilt.

We got it running prior to strip down to check what works and what doesn't

Interior in good shape.

Tear down begins

A good pressure wash so we can see what we a dealing with.

Suprisingly good

Or not!

Front inner wing / bumper mount needs attention

As do the usual Kidney bowl / sill / jacking point areas

And the bottom of the targa hoop is vunerable on these models

And repeat for the other side

Later model larger kidney bowl panel used for extra strength

New B-post and outer sill

New section made for the top of the rear wing

Repaired areas coated with epoxy mastic

Paint stripping starts on the remainder of the shell and panels

The metalwork repairs are all but invisable once the paint is removed and the metal cleaned up.

The bare metal is first painted with an epoxy primer.

Whilst paintwork is underway the mechanical starts with a full Suspension rebuild front and rear.

Into a (Black) primer

Black over-paintable body guard coating to the under side of the panels

And then into body colour (Schwartz Metallic 708 )

And all flat and polished

Ready for reassembly

New Badge for new Paint

Early style chrome mirrors for a more retro look

Stainless roll hoop and chrome trims

Meanwhile the engine is stripped down for a full rebuild.